Aug 12, 2009

The spiritual is always more important than the physical

We wouldn’t just hand our car keys over to our children and let them drive, not without proper training, practice, and teaching them good discernment.
Yet, we are not as diligent in other things such as freedom to roam the world wide web, what they hear in the music they listen to or what they watch on television and in movies.
Whether we know it our not, these things are helping to form their minds according to what the “world” deems important, what is popular.
The secular world continues to seep into their lives using “slight of hand” tricks to carry their souls away to uncharted and treacherous territories.

We, as parents, are the first and foremost teachers of our children. We should teach them things that will be good for their souls.
Before we teach them how to play baseball, or how to play a musical instrument, we should teach them to pray, to read the bible, to love and serve the Lord and their fellow mankind. Things that form their conscience, that instills in them a good sense of what is right and what is wrong.

Our parents may have been really strict and we don’t want to raise our kids that way, we want them to have their freedom….
Or maybe our parents let us do, watch, listen and speak how we wanted to, and we don’t want to be the “strict” parents….we want to be their friends..

We can be our children’s friends, but first we must be their parent.

We must not let “the world” form the minds of our children, we must form them in the light of Jesus Christ.
They may never be an American Idol in the eyes of the world, but they will have their proper and eternal place in Heaven.

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