Aug 5, 2009

Lost shepherd

The gates of hell shall not prevail, but unfortunately there seems to be a lot more casualties now-a-days whom are being engulfed in the flames.
I guess this story hurt more because it hit close to home, in our own Archdiocese . It is a shame because we do have a great Archbishop, many good priests, and pews full of faithful Catholics.
This guys obviously has some commitment problems, so I am wondering how seriously the marriage vow will be taken.
I cannot judge that, but has this priest said about other issues, God will sort it out.
What is one to do but continue to have zeal for our God, our Church, spread His word, live our lives according to His teachings and pray for those who fall away.
I returned to the faith after many, many years of being away, and let’s hope this brother in Christ does too.

Priest says he has ‘chosen another path'
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