Jan 21, 2013

All show, no go.......

President Barack Obama to use two Bibles for oath

The sad part is, he doesn’t believe, at least in his actions, neither one of them.
True hypocrisy………
America will reap what he sows.


Look out!

Start hording your scissors because the government is coming after them!!!!

OK, this may be silly and I do not wish to make light of the recent shooting tragedies in our country. My heart goes out to all those who suffered loss especially of their children.

As a father of 5 (soon to be 6), I can assure you that I would be the first outraged and possibly the saddest of all if anything happened to one of my children. I can’t imagine…….

But, when our elected officials make a “knee-jerk” reaction as they are making, American’s need to step back from the media frenzy and use common sense. There is real proof that gun control is not the answer.

There is real proof that maximum penalties for gun use in crimes is a great deterrent.
Guns aren’t’ the only weapons out there. Just look at what happened in 2001. AIRPLANES were used to kill about 3000 people.

Did the government outlaw airplanes? NO!!!!
That would be crazy!

They tightened the security and started paying attention to the safety of the passengers.

What has our President done to thwart future attacks on the public especially our schools and daycares, our malls and sports arena’s?

What has our states done on the local levels?

Are our schools any safer now than they were before the shootings in Sandy Hook?

I believe that is where we should be focusing our attention, not in stomping on our Constitutional rights.

I am not a gun owner (yet) although I am feeling like I may have to become one thanks to our government. I know many other people like myself that were not gun owners before the “knee-jerks” in Washington, but now they are.

So our government officials think this was a good idea?

Extremism is not what this country was founded on. We have truly lost our way.

We have taken God out of our schools, our politics and even some out of their religion, but when something goes wrong where do people go to find help, to find peace?

Back to God.

Jan 9, 2013

InPRIVATE browsing

What is in-private browsing?

Why do we need in-private browsing?
“InPrivate Browsing enables you to surf the web without leaving a trail in Internet Explorer. This helps prevent anyone else who might be using your computer from seeing where you visited and what you looked at on the web.” (from Microsoft.com)

Until the other day when I was looking up how to disable it on our computer, I was thinking that the only reasons to use it were;
1) Porn
2) Getting your spouse a secret gift.

As I investigated disabling this feature (which is on most newer browsers including IE8 and Firefox), there was a mention of not being able to have your personal information left on public computers.

Fair enough, but really, is it worth it to open the door of pornography or anything else that our children shouldn’t be exposed to for the sake of convenience or privacy?
Privacy is very important for your personal information so why would you go on a public computer and take the risk?
If someone wants your information bad enough, they will get it anyway.

Why can’t the web designers come up with programs that make our children (or personal information) safer on the internet instead of continuing to put these temptations in front of them (us)?

We adults on the other hand have the duty to make sure that our children are safe and that we ourselves don’t use new technology for evil either.

My word of advice is to find out how to permanently delete this feature off your computer before temptation comes knocking on your web browser.

I have found that all browsers having this feature have an easy way to turn it off, but your computer savvy teen will find that fix in no time.
Permanently disabling this feature is the challenge. Some ways are easier than others. Do a good and exhaustive search before attempting any of it though.
I just read that IE8 will disable this feature if the parental controls are set correctly but I have not tested that theory yet.

Another piece of good advice that I heard in a talk the other day is;

“Never go to the store, watch tv or surf the net without a specific goal in mind”.

I think the old saying “idle hands is the devils workshop” is the thought on this advice.