Jul 31, 2013

Homosexuality in the local parks

In the battle for morality, especially concerning homosexuality, the media plays an important part in public opinion. Of course, they have their liberal spin on things.

Well, a situation in our neck of the woods caught my eye in the local news: http://www.wave3.com/story/22869380/jcps-teacher-among-6-charged-for-sexual-encounters-in-parks

First the rest area's weren't safe, now the local parks. We already know the public schools aren't safe.

We are told that homosexuality is not harmful to society, but those of us who are not blinded by media bias know better.

Since I like to use the media against itself, I am glad that they printed this comment for an officer involved.
"Families, children, people that were seeing these events and they contacted us directly," said Officer Jim Schreck of Indiana DNR."

So, if homosexuality is so acceptable to lawmakers, why is there public outcry when things like this happen? I'm sure there would be a public outcry against a married man and woman if they were being lewd in public, but I'm not seeing those stories on the news. My point is, immorality shouldn't be acceptable anywhere; but I am predicting that as homosexuality and other disordered preferences in human behavior are being accepted as "the norm", there will be a concern and rise in crime among the general public. It continues to prove my point that Christians are not the "crazy, violent, intolerant" homophobes that the media would portray. We have faith, we have reason, we have the truth. Society will continue to follow the lies of the media unless we Christians step out of our comfort zone and engage them with the message of Jesus Christ.

Jul 26, 2013


While looking at the local news stories online to see what rubbish was being tossed to the public currently, I came across this headline;

“Rebel pope urges Catholics to shake up dioceses”

So, of course being curious (and a glutton for punishment), I went ahead and read the article.
WHAT made Pope Francis so radical?
Well evidently he…
“urged young Catholics to shake up the church and make a "mess" in their dioceses by going out into the streets to spread the faith. “


Anarchy is right around the corner.
We can’t have Catholics (especially young Catholics) spreading the faith.
What is this world coming to?

Sarcasm aside, this was an awesome message that of course the media tried to do their normal “spin” on; but I think it flopped…IMO.

The article went on to state “Francis was elected pope on a mandate to reform the church”.

What they presenting is a false hope for cafeteria Catholics and Church “reformers”; those who want more married priests and women priests and whatever else ticks them off about Catholic Church teachings they don’t agree with.

Didn’t they see what happened the last time they “hoped” for “change”?
I think this hope and change is also going to be not what they wanted…but I think it will be what they need.

Pope Francis is continuing on with PJP II’s call for a new evangelization and Benedict XVI’s call for charity, making the way for the re-Christianization for our lost brothers and sisters in the world.

Faith, hope and love in Jesus is the message the world needs to hear.
Truth. Charity and love of our neighbor is going to bring the peace the world needs.

I think that is what Pope Francis is wanting his flock to be.