Jan 7, 2009

This is a picture of the youngest saint that I know of.

This is 8 week old Francis/Frances, our baby that was lost due to an ectopic pregnancy 2/15/08.

Our saint is known in some circles (family and friends) as

"Saint Francis Grace of Henry County" and has interceded in

several ways for people, most of note in helping my missing wedding ring to be found. It had been missing for over a month and I thought it was gone for sure. It was found smashed into the mud outside of my place of employment. It was a miracle that it was found, and it never leaves my finger now.

We are now expecting a new baby in February 2009 and kind of hope the baby arrives on 2/15/09...that would be cool!

Feel free to ask for Francis' intercession and see what even the littlest of God's saints can do.

Jan 5, 2009

The fake world we live in

The devil is a liar. Jesus is truth.
Anyone I’ve ever known, hates to be lied to, but when they are presented with the truth, they don’t want to accept it. The whole situation reminds me of Pontius Pilate interrogating Jesus, wanting to know the truth, but would not accept the truth as it was staring him right in the face.

So why then, has our world bought into the lies? It seems that we are sheep just
blindly following the sheep in front of us into a pasture made of artificial turf.
We can have fake cheeks, lips, stomachs and other body parts. I’m not talking about the
necessary kind of surgery for injuries or diseases, I am talking about superficial replacements, a fake image.
We have fake friendships on television based on who can survive the stay the longest and
we call it “reality TV”.
We now have fake exercise helped by the Wi-mote.
We have fake musicians thanks to the “Guitar Hero” toys.
We have a fake sense of being thanks to relativism and materialism.

People want to get by in life without the Cross, without working for something, without suffering, without paying your dues. Those people can expect to continue to be falsely led
down the wide road where all the other sheep are following each other.


Entertainment or worship?

After attending a Christmas carol event at a local Christian
mega-church, it got me to thinking, why do people actually go
to church in the first place?
I have been to several protestant churches in my time but this
was my first trip to a mega church. It had the big screens,
the multi-colored lights, the theater style seating and stage.
While the musicians were doing their thing, I took time to look
around and noticed that people were actually watching the
screens more than they were looking at the actual entertainers.
I wondered if it was the same way on Sundays when the pastor
was up preaching, if people focused more on the image on the
big screen or on the actual person. We are so used to being
entertained by movies and television, that we tend to ignore
the “personal touch” (so to say).
At the end of the show, the pastor came up and talked for a
while, mixing the Gospel in with real life stories and humor.
People laughed, people listened, we prayed, and we went home.
So, what is it that keeps these mega churches filled?
I think that people are truly searching for God, but they don’t
want to walk through the desert to find Him, they don’t want
to incur soul-searching, sacrificial, painful reflection.
They want some fuzzy, feel good, love everyone except for
those who bring the truth, much like Pontius Pilate did when
the Truth was staring him right in the face.
How can we worship God when there is so much focus on what’s
on the big screen?
We should look at how the early Christians worshipped, how they
prayed, how they fellowshipped, how they loved.
Break the bread and see Jesus, drink the cup of His blood and let
Him teach you true worship.