Aug 18, 2009

Single Male Online Daters Would Father Babies for Their Friends

Recent Poll Finds 80% of Female Online Daters Have Considered getting pregnant in "no strings attached" relationship; Nearly 50% of Males Would help their female friends in their quest toward motherhood
MIAMI BEACH, Fla., Aug. 1/ -- Last month, celebrity look-a-like sperm donors were all the rage, with single aspiring Mothers in Los Angeles choosing from sperm donors who resemble their celebrity of choice, which includes Brad Pitt, George Clooney and Ben Affleck doppelgangers. This month, it's all about "No Strings Attached Babies," where single aspiring Mothers ask their single guy friends to father their children, minus financial and other responsibilities. While Hollywood is full of single Moms who chose to adopt, including Edie Falco, Sheryl Crow, Madonna and Sharon Stone, single celebrities such as Camryn Manheim and reportedly, Minnie Driver, have both had No Strings Attached Babies. At leading online dating websites,, and we polled our members to find out if they would consider having a No Strings Attached Baby.
According to the results, majority of single male online daters responded that they would make like David Crosby and father a child with a gal pal. 30%, meanwhile, insisted that it must be legally stipulated that they were Fathers in name only. Meanwhile, 42.9% of single women have admitted that they have thought a lot about approaching a single guy friend to father their child.
"Majority of today's single women still want to find true love, enter into a committed relationship and have children with a life partner. Yet, as the biological clock ticks down for many single women, it's no longer stigmatized for them to choose other avenues such as adoption, anonymous sperm donation, and no strings attached babies, to become Mothers," said Shira Zwebner, Relationship Advisor for, and "According to a May 2009 report by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, out-of-wedlock births are rising, and amongst women ages 30 to 34 there has been a 34% increase since 2002. I predict that number will just continue to rise as more and more women realize they just don't need to find their soulmate to have a baby. As a result, single guys shouldn't be surprised if their single girlfriends ask them to meet for a drink and then request a no strings attached sperm donation."

So, I have 2 DUH!!!! postings in a row...must be a full moon.

I am willing to bet that the males polled were under the impression that lovemaking was involved. If that is true, then, a bunch of guys (in today's society) were asked if they would like to make love to a woman, without having to worry about the consequences.

Once again, I say DUH!!!!! is a sad world we live in and I am only stating the obvious.

When this poll is was taken, I assume that the term "father babies" is talking about the physical act that procreates a baby. Some people call them gigolo's others call them "deadbeat dads" and just to give a hand full of guys the benefit of the doubt, they may, in their ignorance of the truth, think they are helping these women.
God made things according to his order. If it is your vocation to married life, to having children,
He will allow things to work out for His greater glory. If not, then pray for guidance on where or what He has in store for you. Maybe God is calling you to a vocation to religious life, or to give your time and talents to your parish.
I know personally that it is not easy to wait for God's answer to your vocation and especially to finding a good and Holy spouse. He took over 35years to show me my soulmate and I had almost given up by then.
I understand that there seems to be a lack of "good men" (and women) in the world, but you can't just do these things on your own..they must be done in accord with God's directives.

I pray for women in the world who are resorting to these kinds of tactics to have a baby.
I pray for the men who are falling to the tangled web they are getting into.
I pray for the children being brought up under these circumstances.

All you need to do is to go to or to see the statistics on what happens to children who are brought up in homes without a good father.

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