Aug 26, 2009

cast the first stone

A common objection that I have heard that turns people away from faith in God or at least keeps them from attending a Church on a regular basis is the fact that they know
“Christians” whom are no better than they are. The objectors contend that there is hypocrisy, evil, lack of faith and charity in the lives of “Christians” and their churches.
The churches are only after your money and control of your moral life.

I would have to agree that there are some “Christians” and some “churches” that are not living life in Christ they way they should. There are sinners in church!!!
There always have been, there always will be….Jesus did not come to call the righteous but sinners. (Mark 2:17)

I would also have to say that everyone will be judged according to their own lives. Like I tell my children, “don’t worry about what someone else is doing”, make sure you are doing what you are supposed to be doing.
To the objectors of Christianity I say, “YOU are the one that will have to pay the price in Hell, YOU will be the one suffering for eternity, YOU are the one that God entrusted your soul to.

With that said, we should also know that we are supposed to get our spouses and our children to Heaven. We should try to get others to Heaven, not by judging them, but with truth in charity. The Lord wants that everyone gets to Heaven, to be with Him.
Do not focus your attention on the weaknesses of your brothers or the weaknesses in
the church, focus your attention on the Lord.
Maybe then, others will see your example and want the joy in Christ that you have.
Maybe you will be a model “Christian” that others won’t see hypocrisy, evil, or hatred
in. Maybe then they too will want to attend church and live life the way they should.
We can only change the church and peoples view of Christianity starting one person at a time, and that one person is you.

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