Jun 25, 2009

Two ways of saying the same thing....

" There is great unrest at this time in the Church and what they are questioning is the faith. I am alarmed, when I reflect on the Catholic world, that non-Catholic thinking sometimes seems to prevail within Catholicism and it could happen that this non-Catholic thinking within Catholicism will become stronger in the future. But it will never represent the Church's thinking. A small flock must survive, no matter how small it may be. " --Pope Paul VI

The more things change, the more they stay the same....
I am just guessing that in your parish, just like mine, there are certain things (or people) you wish you could change. Situations that you feel shouldn't exist. People in control that probably shouldn't be at the wheel of the ark.

How many "Obama for President" bumper stickers do you see in the parking lot of your church?
What can we do about it? What should we do about it? Does it matter since no one listens to us anyway?
It is hard to voice our opinions sometimes: we may feel like we are dissenting against the Church or that we may sound like "traditionalists".
Maybe we just don't have the time to put up a fight. Maybe we'll just go to another parish....

I have heard that the best way to destroy an enemy is from the inside.
Satan is always trying to get on the inside...the inside of us, our souls, our family and our Church.

While it's easier said than done, I suggest (if at all possible) to get onto your parish council and work for reform in you parish. Even if you can't get everyone on board of a great ideal you have, at least you can see what is going on from the inside, the whys or the why not's of the decisions that are being made.
Get to know your parish Priest and talk to him.
When all else fails, talk to your Bishop. We have some great ones in our country, and they are standing up for the Church now, more than ever. Sacrificing themselves for the good of all mankind.
They are the ones who will be taking the lashes for the Church. For you and your parish.

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