Jun 3, 2009

Another good reason to homeschool

Homosexual Boy Named “Prom Queen” at Fairfax High School, L.A.

I was brought up in public schools through all 12 grades and had no idea that kids could be taught at home. I never knew of any homeschoolers till I met my wife. She had been homeschooling 2 of our 3 boys. I had just been “reverted” back to the Catholic
Church after many years of being away.
I thought it was neat to be able to learn at home, but I never knew the reasons why someone would take all the time and trouble to teach at home.
We will soon (6/23) be married for 2 years, and there are all kinds of reasons I can think of now.
I see the academic reasons, although I still believe you can get a great education in public schools. It just seems like all the homeschool kids I know are really bright, courteous, and joyful. I can’t say that about all the public school kids I know.
The main reason I can say now to homeschool is the faith and moral aspects. They are within the family unit more and they get to see the everyday struggles of home life. The are taught how to deal with trials and tribulations without turning to drugs, alcohol or any other vices.
They also can be taught religion…the religion that I believe in. God IS allowed in our classroom. Prayer is done daily (not just before tests).
They are NOT taught sexual education till WE think they are ready. The focus is on abstinence till
marriage and respect for the human body.
They don’t have to learn it on the street as a lot of us did. They aren’t taught how to have sexual relations
without bringing forth new life.
They are taught tolerance, but, without compromise.
The children we are bringing up today are the men and women that will be running things in the future.
That should either scare the daylights out of us, or it should make us hope for a fresh “change”.
…..as the saying goes, “the future is happening today”.

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