Jun 17, 2009

Saints to be....

We are called to "Be holy because I am holy." (1 Peter 1:16)
Those whose vocation is to family life are also called to get our spouses and children to Heaven.
I have found that, that is easier said than done.
Concerning our children; we are in constant battle with the forces of secularism and the visible delights that it offers. The material world looks to be more fun than mom and dad, but, as we know, it is a false satisfaction.
How then are we to raise good and Holy children?.... I cannot answer that on this blog since my time and knowledge is limited. There are countless books written on the subject you can get. I mainly suggest prayer, prayer and more prayer.
Put good sights and sounds in your childrens lives also. There is an excellent saints series of cd's
called "Glory Stories" and a friend of ours also has many items here for your childrens enjoyment.

Satan wants your soul and your childrens souls....try to raise them as saints using the teachings of the Church, the Sacraments, and of course prayer.

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