May 17, 2012

Thomas Merton on this site, really?

I am always hesitant to put Thomas Merton on this blog due to the fact that he ended up causing great scandal to his Order and to the Catholic Church, but I do believe that he did write some marvelous works before his fall, so please forgive me for this.
These 2 snippets are from his book "No Man Is an Island" and I find them as relevant today as they were back in 1955 when the book was written.

The Church understands human love far better and more profoundly than modern man, who thinks he knows all about it. The Church knows well that to frustrate the creative purpose of human generation is to confess a love that is insincere. It is insincere because it is less than human, even less than animal. Love that seeks only to enjoy and not to create is not even a shadow of love. It has no power. The psychological impotence of our enraged generation must be traced to the overwhelming accusation of insincerity which ever man and woman has to confront, in the depths of his own soul, when he seeks to love merely for his own pleasure. A love that fears to have children for any motive whatever is a love that fears love. It is divided against itself. It is a lie and contradiction. The very nature of love demands that it's own creative fulfillment should be sought in spite of every obstacle. Love, even human love, is stronger than death.
Therefore, it is even more obvious that true love is stronger than poverty or hunger or anguish. And yet the men of our time do not love with enough courage to risk even discomfort or inconvenience.
How is it that our comfortable society has lost its sense of the value of truthfulness?
Life has become so easy that we think we can get along without telling the truth.....
.......If  living were a little more precarious, and if a person who could not be trusted found it more difficult to get along with other men, we would not deceive ourselves and one another so carelessly.
But the whole world has learned to deride veracity or to ignore it. Half the civilized world makes a living by telling lies. Advertising, propaganda, and all the other forms of publicity that have taken the place of truth have taught men to take it for granted that they can tell other people whatever they like provided that it sounds plausible and evokes some kind of shallow emotional response.

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