May 8, 2012

Blessed are the pure in heart

Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God….

I have always placed this, the 6th Beatitude, in the context of more at the end of our lives, even more so after we have died.

After watching my 2 girls as babies and toddlers, I am convinced that it can also be applied to the beginning of our lives. Not that it can’t be placed at anytime in our lives, but the middle years, with all that we become inundated with in life, makes being pure hearted very difficult.

Ever since the girls were old enough to be able to notice the world around them, there have been moments when they just look into the sky and smile and have a peaceful presence about them. They point, they laugh but I never see what they see.

They have always had a joy at seeing a statue or picture of Jesus, Mary or any of the saints.

Even now, no matter how much our 9 month old may be crying and upset, I can walk over by our statue of the Divine Child Jesus and she will calm down and even laugh with joy….it is truly amazing.

I have always thought that babies and toddlers can see the invisible world, the world that the rest of us cannot see, glimpses of Heaven. I believe that truly the pure in heart can see God, not only when we get to Heaven, but here on this earth.

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