Dec 22, 2011

Wishing Christmas was over?

“I will be glad when Christmas is over”

That is the phrase (in one form or another) that I have heard many times this year. I have been feeling a little like that also so I can relate in a way to that statement.

The problem is not Christmas.

The problem is the secularization of Christmas.

The shopping, the traffic, the political correctness. It is enough to make you despise Christmas if you forget about the reason for the season.

That is exactly what the dark forces of evil are trying to do. As usual, Satan takes something good that God has given and flipped it around into a tool of destruction for the human soul.

Society has taken Christ out of Christmas and replaced Him with Black Friday (24 injuries/deaths this year alone) and other sources of gluttony, avarice, envy and discontent.

It seems such a waste to buy items for people that either don’t need anything or that just don’t want what you bought them.

It is sad to see a child with a frown on their face sitting amongst mountains of wrapping paper and toys because they did not get the exact thing they wanted.

What a long way from Jerusalem we are these days.
Instead of traveling to see the NEW BORN KING, we are traveling to the malls to rack up more debit on our credit cards that we are already having trouble paying off.

Instead of spending time talking, laughing and enjoying our families; instead of attending Mass in remembrance of the day our Savior came to this earth, we are sitting in front or the TV watching the big “Christmas day ball game”.

Instead of enjoying Christmas, we are looking forward to it “being over”.

If we continue to let unbelievers, the media, the shopping mall and Walmart take Christ out of Christmas, it will soon “be over” and will be nothing but another “holiday” and not the “Holy Day” that was celebrated by the 3 wise men over 2000 years ago.

This Christmas please celebrate Jesus and let's all pray for our country that it will not become secularized as Europe and other countries have become.

God Bless you and your family.

Have a happy Advent and a Merry Christmas!!!!!!!

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