Dec 16, 2009

Local Priest makes Bishop!!!!!!!

Appointment of William F. Medley as Fourth Bishop of Owensboro

With deep gratitude to almighty God, I welcome the wonderful news that our Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, has appointed one of our own as the new bishop of Owensboro. While I have known of Father William Medley for ten years, it has been my privilege in the last two years to come to know more deeply the gifts of holiness and leadership that God has bestowed upon him.
Raised in the Catholic “Holy Land” of Kentucky, Bishop-elect Medley served with distinction in many pastoral settings during his 27 years as a priest of the Archdiocese of Louisville. Caring for the faithful in rural, urban and suburban settings, he has consistently shown to all a pastoral charity that combines the rare qualities of humble listening and courageous leadership. Highly respected among his brothers in the presbyterate as well as among the faithful, he is well prepared for the task and privilege of becoming the fourth bishop of Owensboro. Bishop-elect Medley will be greatly missed in the Archdiocese of Louisville, but he journeys west with the pride, affection and love of his "Louisville family."
As Metropolitan of the Province of Louisville, which includes the dioceses in Kentucky and Tennessee, I also acknowledge with deep gratitude the faithful service of Father Michael Clark, who ably administered the diocese of Owensboro during this transition. I rejoice with him, with emeritus Bishop John McRaith, and with all the faithful of Owensboro. How blessed that this announcement occurs today on Bishop John McRaith's 27th anniversary as a bishop.
It is especially fitting during this “Year for Priests,” that almighty God bestows such a sterling priest as the new bishop of Owensboro. May Bishop-elect Medley’s episcopal leadership and service abound in the grace of Jesus Christ, whose coming we await during these Advent days of hope. May our Blessed Mother Mary, the diocesan patron St. Stephen Martyr and all the saints intercede for him.
Most Reverend Joseph E. Kurtz, D.D
Archbishop of Louisville
December 15, 2009

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