Dec 14, 2009


"You shall not take the name of the LORD, your God, in vain. For the LORD will not leave unpunished him who takes his name in vain.”– Exodus 20:7

Other than the disbelief or watered down belief in God, this has to be one of the top Commandments broken that I hear in my daily dealings with the secular world.
It is unbelievable how people will throw Gods name around just in normal conversation.
Even people that don’t believe in God, or don’t like to be affiliated with religious organizations, will use God, Jesus, or Lord as an interjection.

Many people think that this Commandment only relates to the “biggie”, the mother of all Blasphemies….but it doesn’t stop there.

Some people don’t even realize that they are doing it. They don’t realize that when they say
“Oh my God!!” or “Jesus Christ!!!” before a sentence other than in prayer, that they are blaspheming the name of the Lord.
I even hear the “biggie” blasphemy a lot (GD); I think we can blame stand up comedians and popular musicians for that, since they have made it seemingly OK and supposedly funny to say it.
Our nation is shaped by its cultural icons, and we have seen what that kind of mentality this has brought to our younger generation.

Throughout Scripture, the Lord warns us that our tongue is a very unruly member of our body.
Not only can we hurt others with our words, but more importantly, we hurt God.
We hurt God by speaking badly of our fellow mankind and we hurt God by using His name in a manner that doesn’t praise Him.

The ancient Hebrews and some modern day Jews won’t even say the name of God, which, in the original text, is actually spelled YHWH, the four consonants of the ancient Hebrew name for God.

If Exodus 20:7 is correct (which I firmly believe), then I think we should all take seriously this matter and be very careful not to allow our tongue to lead us into deadly sin.

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