Jan 7, 2009

This is a picture of the youngest saint that I know of.

This is 8 week old Francis/Frances, our baby that was lost due to an ectopic pregnancy 2/15/08.

Our saint is known in some circles (family and friends) as

"Saint Francis Grace of Henry County" and has interceded in

several ways for people, most of note in helping my missing wedding ring to be found. It had been missing for over a month and I thought it was gone for sure. It was found smashed into the mud outside of my place of employment. It was a miracle that it was found, and it never leaves my finger now.

We are now expecting a new baby in February 2009 and kind of hope the baby arrives on 2/15/09...that would be cool!

Feel free to ask for Francis' intercession and see what even the littlest of God's saints can do.

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