Jan 5, 2009

The fake world we live in

The devil is a liar. Jesus is truth.
Anyone I’ve ever known, hates to be lied to, but when they are presented with the truth, they don’t want to accept it. The whole situation reminds me of Pontius Pilate interrogating Jesus, wanting to know the truth, but would not accept the truth as it was staring him right in the face.

So why then, has our world bought into the lies? It seems that we are sheep just
blindly following the sheep in front of us into a pasture made of artificial turf.
We can have fake cheeks, lips, stomachs and other body parts. I’m not talking about the
necessary kind of surgery for injuries or diseases, I am talking about superficial replacements, a fake image.
We have fake friendships on television based on who can survive the stay the longest and
we call it “reality TV”.
We now have fake exercise helped by the Wi-mote.
We have fake musicians thanks to the “Guitar Hero” toys.
We have a fake sense of being thanks to relativism and materialism.

People want to get by in life without the Cross, without working for something, without suffering, without paying your dues. Those people can expect to continue to be falsely led
down the wide road where all the other sheep are following each other.


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