Jun 5, 2016

ACLU director quits after daughters express fear at transgenders in restroom

If the director of one of the most liberal and powerful organizations quits over this issue, don't you think country's leaders should take notice also?
Are their heads shoved so far up their agenda that they are willing to make enemies of their own side?
Just remember what the bible says: a house divided cannot stand.
We has Christians, and even those not Christian, but care about our children's safety and their future need to continue to rise up when issues like these are pushed upon us and let the powers that be know that we DO NOT APPROVE of the "transformation" of our country in these ways.

Click on link below for full story and also check out the link to the website that this lady has set up.
While I don't believe there is any middle ground to this issue, I do like the questions brought up in the video.


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