Jun 6, 2015

Another baby, another vacation....

It seems like whenever we have a new bundle of joy on the way,

my wife wants to take a vacation a few weeks before the baby is due.
OK, maybe I'm over exaggerating....but only slightly.
We all wanted a vacation and it "just so happened" again that we were about 5 weeks
away from our new arrival.

We made a trip to the beach then on the way back we went to one of our favorite places, Alabama, to make a quick EWTN/ Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament pilgrimage.
We stayed at St. Paul's guest house. Nice and affordable for a larger family.

New on this trip was the John Paul II Eucharistic Center that just opened at the Shrine.
Awesome is all I can say about the center. Lots of cool stuff and more information than I could wrap
me wee-little mind around.
You can learn more about the center here: http://www.knightsoftheholyeucharist.com/community/events-calendar/viewevent/16-dedication-of-john-paul-ii-eucharistic-center.html

All in all, even though it was another fast paced, whirl wind trip, it was good to spend time with the family and of course it was better than being at work!

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