Dec 25, 2014

Merry Christmas

Thank God for Jesus!

This was the sermon opening for our Christmas Mass this year.
Of course, for those who do not have much knowledge about Christianity, this can be confusing.
Aren't we thanking God for God?
Well, yes, I guess.

We always have to thank God for the gift of faith in Him, so it would be true in that aspect.
But, in a deeper theological aspect, we know that God the Father sent God the son (Jesus) into this world in reparation for our sins and for our eternal salvation. To know Him, to love Him and to serve Him.
So, Jesus is God, manifested in human form. so we could really know Gods love for us and what is truely expected of us. Without Jesus, we would only have known the "old testament God" and been left with a long distantace relationship with Him. But, God wanted us to know Him personally and realize that He is with each of us personally.
The best way to do that, as they say in Missouri, is to "show us". Let us see Him truely.
I pray that everyone in the world will come to have that relationship with Christ our Lord.

Have a blessed Christmas!

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