Apr 30, 2014

Live life like it's Lent

Sorry for this Lenten reflection during the joyous Easter season….I tried to get it finished before now but life happens…. Since I seem to be working my life away right now, my Lenten thoughts sometimes cross over between my work and home/personal life. Such was the case today when I was thinking about how crazy busy were are at work and all the wasted resources that we are using because of being so busy. We would not functioning and following correct procedures as we normally would. We are doing what we have to, right or wrong, to make sure our orders get out to the customers. We are trying to clean up “messes” after the fact. Sometimes, we just have to write off things as a loss…..”haste makes waste” as the saying goes and I’m a firm believer in that. Our Lenten season can be like that also. In our busy ordinary times of the year, we may sacrifice whatever we need, in order to get the kids to their ball games, dance recitals, teen activities, ect. We may spend money we don’t really have to buy the latest and greatest gadgets; to replace furniture, applicances or even a car that we could probably live with for a while longer. We spend more time and energy (and sometimes money), than we have. But, do we make the same kind of sacrifices to go to confession or make it to Mass on time? During Lent, it seems like we strive harder to go to daily Mass or at least a morning Mass on Saturday. We might pray at the abortion clinic or work in the food kitchen to feed the poor. We give up sweets, miss a meal or not eat out for dinner. We live our lives on the bare minimum. Jesus and the Apostles lived on the “bare minimum” throughout their journeys. The disciples were sent to preach the Gospel they were told to “Take nothing for the journey,* neither walking stick, nor sack, nor food, nor money, and let no one take a second tunic. Living to spread the Gospel and help others in their needs. If we ran our lives, our families, our businesses, our Government, our spiritual and moral lives, like our Lenten season; on the bare minimum, watching every little detail of our lives, I think everyone could live more fulfilling lives.

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