Oct 5, 2012

NJ teachers had sexual relations with students, colleagues covered it up……

Big news story breaking. Just type it in a search engine for the details but as a summary; the story is that 3 male teachers had sexual relations and misconduct with female students.

But, if that is not bad enough, this is something that other teachers and I’m sure other students knew about, but they kept it secret.

So, the government puts in place sexual education for students, now all the way down to the earliest years of grade school; and we have numerous cases of sexual abuse in school.

The government takes God and prayer out of schools; and mass killings and sexual abuse are rampant in these same schools.

I know that Americans are not THAT stupid.

They may “turn a blind eye” as the news story states, but surely even those that wish to be “blind” can see the correlation with all that is going on.

Wake up America!!!

The next victim could be your son, your daughter, your sister or yourself.

Take a stand, step away from the herd mentality and yell FIRE in this crowded room called America before it is too late; Before your sentimentality leaves you picking up the pieces of a broken life.

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