Oct 29, 2009

Modern society same as it was 2000 years ago

So I declare and testify in the Lord that you must no longer live as the Gentiles do, in the futility of their minds;
darkened in understanding, alienated from the life of God because of their ignorance, because of their hardness of heart,
they have become callous and have handed themselves over to licentiousness for the practice of every kind of impurity to excess.
Ephesians Ch 4

This world has given in to much excess. Much like in Paul’s day, people are falling to the promptings of the devil and living useless and unfulfilling lives; lives lacking God. People want more of everything except for God (and suffering), much less a God that had to suffer for our salvation.
In every aspect of life, there is the opportunity for excessiveness.
According to advertising, it is good to have a great surplus of money, lot’s of unrestricted intimacy, loads of fun, and you can even SUPER SIZE your meal. EXCESS IN EXCESS!

But, I believe that it has been shown, especially in modern times, that no matter how much money you have, how many luxury items you own, how popular you are, what kind of car you drive, it is never enough. There is always something more you desire.
The one desire that people should have, they have hardened their hearts to. They have replaced God with “stuff”, with wanton pleasures that will only suffice for a moment, then they want something better, something that is more pleasurable.

Satan knows our weaknesses and uses them to excess. He uses our physical senses to blind us into submission.
I think Blaise Pascal put it best;

Our senses perceive no extreme. Too much sound deafens us; too much light dazzles us; too great distance or proximity hinders our view. Too great length and too great brevity of discourse tend to obscurity; too much truth is paralyzing. First principles are too self-evident for us; too much pleasure disagrees with us. Too many concords are annoying in music; too many benefits irritate us; we wish to have the wherewithal to overpay our debts. "We feel neither extreme heat nor extreme cold. Excessive qualities are prejudicial to us and not perceptible by the senses; we do not feel but suffer them. Extreme youth and extreme age hinder the mind, as also too much and too little education. In short, extremes are for us as though they were not, and we are not within their notice. They escape us, or we them.

I think modern society is feeling the strain and pain of it’s excess. Anxiety, depression, and discontent is on the rise as people fall to the fallacies of relativism, materialism and individualism.
Christians are persecuted while those whom condone and participate in evil are glorified or sympathized with.
……but, as St. Paul and the rest of Scripture teaches;

Be sure of this, that no immoral or impure or greedy person, that is, an idolater, has any inheritance in the kingdom of Christ and of God (Ephesians 5;5)

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