Jul 9, 2009

Good morning!

In the classic struggle of trying to juggle work, family time, prayer time, play time, and “spousal counseling” time, there is always a feeling of lacking.
I could name off 100 things that I would like to do but never have time to do.

While eating breakfast one morning, the back of the “fun” cereal box had a list of
“10 things you should do before the age of 18” (or something to that effect).
You think they would have some good wholesome items on the list like seeing historical places, something to help with your educational decisions, or even something spiritually uplifting.

WHAP!!!!!!!!! (hand to forehead)

I forgot that we were living in a relativistic, pop culture of death, where “fun” consists of “anything goes”.
While I won’t waste too much space on all the nonsensical listings, there were items such as “ride the worlds biggest rollercoaster” and “meet your favorite singer backstage”…..

What a crock!

Anyway, here is a list I composed of things I wish we (and everybody) could do as a family daily or at least weekly;

1) Pray the rosary…the whole rosary…all 20 mysteries.
2) Read a chapter (or more) of the bible.
3) Read the Catholic Catechism all the way through.
4) Pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet every day at 3:00pm.
5) Read about a different saints life every day or week.
6) Go on a pilgrimage of all the shines and holy places in the world.
7) Go to Confession/Reconciliation every week (whether we need to or not) lol
8) Read Papal encylicals as they are issued.
9) Read writings from the early Church Fathers.

Most of these goals are attainable, but of course Satan does his best to keep us too busy or puts some kind of trauma in our lives to make it hard.
I dare say, that, if we all could do these things in our vocations in life (married or single), there would be less troublesome cereal boxes in the world.

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