Apr 30, 2009

Philippians 1:29

For to you has been granted, for the sake of Christ, not only to believe in him but also to suffer for him.--- Philippians 1:29

It is not easy to suffer for the sake of Christ, as many a saint and martyr has found out.
We may not suffer as much physically nowadays for our Christian stand, but the spiritual battle is ever draining. Frustrations with the “other side” can bring us to insanity and their spiritual blindness is baffling to us that have seen the light.

I find though, as hard as it is to suffer for the truth of Christ, it is even harder to suffer the daily trials and tribulations of every day living. The daily chores of work life, home life, family life, and finding time to have a prayer life.

Being a new father and entering into family life after 35plus years, it has
been quite the experience…and it isn’t getting any easier.
It seems that one can find the strength to sacrifice for themselves, or sacrifice for the sake of the Gospel, but sacrificing for others does not come natural. There is always that tendency to take care of your own needs first, then, others, when you get a chance to.
I have found that if you live that way with a family who is counting on your love and support, you are going to be sifted and spiritually drained; the Lord will bring back those words you promised in the vows of the marriage rite. Sacrificing for your children, for your wife, giving up all of yourself as Christ did for His people, for His church, for you and me.
Going places and doing things for your family should not seem like a chore, it shouldn’t be as if you were nailed to a cross, suffering, but sometimes we tend to feel like we are poured out spiritually, physically, and mentally. We can lose the joy of family life.

Suffering is never easy, and it comes in many different forms, but if you keep in mind that it can and should be always used for the greater glory of God, He will be there with you, for you, helping you carry your cross. Keep mindful of that fact; in your every day suffering, the suffering that gets forgotten spiritually but can be the greatest sources of despair in your life, you can give Glory to God and suffer for Him.

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